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Богат продуктов асортимент на склад Purgex

Neutrex is a leading global company for cleaning granulates, and thus an important partner for the distribution strategy of Aectra Plastics. Like a chameleon, Purgex™ changes the colour of the plastic granulates of its processing facility – in record time. Purgex™ is a high-quality cleaning granulate. It is used for the effective cleaning of processing facilities for thermoplastics, such as injection moulding machines, extruders, blow moulders and their tools.

Purgex™ 458 Plus cleaning granulate is a ready-to-use mixture based on a polyethylene carrier with 9% glass fibre. Purgex™ products work mechanically, forming foam for improved mixing and with a lubricant for effective cleaning. Purgex™ cleans injection moulding machines and hot runner systems simply, thoroughly and safely. All of the ingredients contained in Purgex™ are generally recognised as safe (GRAS) by the US regulatory authority FDA.